To order any of our resources, please contact Sister Barbara McMullen at 314-209-9181 or for more information.


The Art of Providence is a beautiful resource book of prayers, poetry, rituals, music, photos, reflections and artwork by various Sisters and Associates in our Providence congregations. Click here to download the order form.

In Providence & Compassion, nine Women of Providence share their understanding of Providence and Compassion through the lens of their lived experience in ministry and community life. These shared personal reflections will expand awareness and appreciation of the intimate link between Providence and Compassion in the lives of not only the author but also within the life of the reader. Click here to download the order form.

Encountering Providence: A Providence Retreat Resource Manual includes a leader’s guide, handouts, prayers, and resources for music, poetry, readings, etc. The shrink-wrapped package is printed on three-hole paper for easy placement in a binder of your choice. Each manual has an accompanying flash drive storing various color graphics, PowerPoint and video presentations, and ready-to-print prayer, reflection and leader templates.

Retreat titles include:

  1. Images of Advent
  2. Living Contemplatively in a Technological Age
  3. Listening to Your Lenten Landscape
  4. God’s Dream: Reflections for a Providence Spirituality of Ministry
  5. Jesus – Exemplar of Providence – In the Company of Mary, Mother of Sorrows
  6. Looking through the Mystical Window of Providence – Seeing more…Being More
  7. Presence: The Mystery of Providence
  8. Providence and the Canticles in Scripture
  9. Providence and the Grace of Aging
  10. Spirit Gifts Found in Jesus and the Implications in Our Lives
  11. Spirit-Wisdom at the Heart of Providence
  12. Walking as Provident Guests on Earth

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Providence Alive in Us: Ever Unfolding Mystery is designed to promote and broaden the understanding of Providence theology and spirituality and how, over the years, it has affected our lives. The authors, some of whom are previous contributors to other Providence published books, will lead us in this search for still deeper engagement with Ever Unfolding Mystery. Click here to download the order form.

Soul Stretching: The Inner Landscape of an Ordinary Life, by Barbara McMullen, CDP. Click here to download the order form.

The Cosmos Within, The Providence Dance, the proceedings of the Women of Providence in Collaboration's Providence Event 2005. This publication contains the history of WPC, the 25th special anniversary memories and full papers from the three presenters: Barbara Doherty, SP, Lucy Zientek, CDP, and Christine Morkovsky, CDP.

A Lenten Providence Journey, contains lenten reflections and prayers from WPC members. $4.00 + shipping.

Also available:

Providence: God's Face Toward the World – 1984

On Keeping Providence – 1991

Custodiar la Providencia (On Keeping Providence) Newly translated into Spanish.

Making Providence Visible – 2003

The Cosmos Within the Providence Dance – 2005

Providence People Tread Lightly on the Earth (DVD) – 2008

Providence: Mystical Window on the World – 2012


DVDs are now available for Providence Event 2015. It includes Friday talks, Saturday morning talk, and anniversary celebration. DVD's are for private use only. Cost is $18 for the set of 3 DVDs. Click here to download the order form.

Providence Event 2008 VHS tapes and DVDs are available for WPC members' private use: $15 per set.

Other Resources

Let Go of the Trapeze and See Where God Takes You, an interview with our executive director, Barbara McMullen, CDP, published by The Corner Office.